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Phillip Randall


Thank you for visiting the Mesquite Friendship Christian Academy (MFCA) website. We are committed to providing our students with the very best education in preparation for an ever-increasingly complex world in which they will live, work, play and one day raise a family. The unique aptitudes and abilities of every student demands that we support each one so that he or she may develop a positive self-image and confidence to achieve.


Coupled with a solid academic program, MFCA is focused on the development of a student as a whole person. This means we are concerned about character development and spiritual growth as well. Our vision is for the school to work together with the parent (Deuteronomy 6: 6-9) to accomplish our ultimate mission: training students to be fully devoted disciples of Jesus Christ (Matthew 28: 19-29).  A fully devoted disciple of Christ loves God and seeks to serve and honor others. An eagerness to learn and grow in wisdom and knowledge characterizes his or her life. A fully devoted disciple submits every area of life to the Lord and uses the time, money, and abilities he has been given to do God’s work. What a wonderful opportunity we have at MFCA to partner with you as parents as you seek to equip your children to live this way of life.


We want to encourage you to become part of Mesquite Friendship Christian Academy. We are not just a school but the foundation for our next generation of Christian leaders.


Working together in Christ,


Phillip Randall


Superintendent, Mesquite Friendship Christian Academy.

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